Tanaka Koki // Red

thursday; 20th December

Minna, hope you're having a good break, yo! Have fun, get drunk, that's the spirit of Christmas. :Dv

New laptop! :D Finally. Partially sponsered by Mum, thanks to coercion on my part all these years of being a loving, filial son. I wonder which of my idiot brothers introduced her to gaming though, now she's hogging my PS3 all day playing virtual mahjong.

THAT WAS A BLAST. We need more concerts like this. 8D

[OOC: Ginny and Jin-mun, we didn't exactly plan when their winter trip was. Any idea when did/will they go? And also, Koki would have given out gifts to all his friends by this time (except for Kame, since Jin will only be meeting him on Saturday).

Teh Lover ♥ - A watch
Jin - Prison Break DVD
Ryo - Ninja! T-Shirt
Tomo - Tickets to a play and a pink featherboa (don't ask)
Kame - Giant baseball mitt-shaped cushion
Jun - A pair of fashion shades
Kusano - Hand-decorated cap
Tegoshi - A box of snowman/gingerbread man cookies
Rest of the seniors and his dormmates - Christmas crackers! :D]
Tanaka Koki // White room

Sunday; 2nd December - Morning

Collapse )

Ok, so my laptop has officially died. I give up. I hope it's ok that I borrow yours, Jun. Looks like I'll to pay the electronics store a visit before I go home for winter break. Or... is anyone feeling generous this Christmas? *shifty look at someone*

Kusano! My friend just got back to me regarding the concert. It's during the weekend just before break, yo. With SEAMO, Zeebra, Kato Miliyah and Namie Amuro as guests. OMG I'M GOING TO SPAZZ. Let me know if you can come. :D

Did you like the pie, Tegoshi-kun? It's pumpkin and strawberries (I seperated the apple, yo.) I tried to draw your face on it with cream but the right eye got smudged when I took it out of the oven. D:

Anyone wants to go Christmas shopping with me? :D

I heard you're going home early, enjoy your winter break, yo! Don't think about stuff too much.
Tanaka Koki // White room

Monday; 26th november - evening

It's unsually quiet here, where has everyone gone?

I know it was terrible timing to have to leave like, 4 days right after we got together. And forget to bring my phone along. I swear, it wasn't fun having to leave for a family vacation to Mongolia of all places with only 2 hours notice. D:

Sorry. Can we meet soon? I know you're pining for me.

[OOC: I'm baaaacck (and still suffering from jet lag). I see I've missed a lot of good angst and drama. :D or D:? Preaze to update me on the situation? ♥

So the thing is Koki was supposed to go on a trip with his family, though all of them conveniently forgot to let him know beforehand, hence the sudden departure. He also has absolutely no idea what happened while he was away, since he didn't bring his phone along. I suppose the general atmosphere now is comparative to a graveyard though, so he might get an inkling. XD]
Tanaka Koki // Red

Thursday; 8th november - morning

Ah, I haven't updated in ages, yo. My laptop's been cranking out on me, as it always does in cold weather. D: Does anyone have solutions to this? Before it dies out again...

Thank guys, for your birthday wishes and gifts! I really appreciate it, yo. ♥

I've been thinking about it. Like hell I couldn't possibly not. I'm still a little confused over my feelings towards him, but one thing for sure... I have an answer ready.

I should talk to Yuichi soon.
Tanaka Koki // Stairways

Thursday; 1st november - morning after class

My wrists still hurt from try to get out of the handcuffs yesterday. I CAN BARELY TYPE. D: Urgh. MY CLOTHES. And I'm still missing half my boxers, don't tell me they got blown away?!

I heard Tegoshi-kun and Masuda-kun woke up with weird stuff all over themselves. Do you think it's the same person? Let's work together and find out who pranked us! >:D

Uhm. I kinda skipped class yesterday due to... unforseen circumstances. Was there anything important I missed?

I should stop feeling guilty and actually do something, dammit.
Tanaka Koki // White room

tuesday; 23rd october - noon

Argh, my eyes, my eyes! This morning I woke up and flung open the door to get to class only to find that, overnight, there's been an Osaka High Hair Salon set up and Ryo is the official spokesperson. D:?!

... shit. I better stop typing now. I'm still having a hangover.

So. It's been days since Yuichi confessed to me. I didn't exactly reject him, but I didn't say yes either.

I'm sorry.

We came to an unspoken agreement to carry on as normally as possible and it's pretty much fine so far. But I know we can't continue like this forever, I can't just leave him hanging like that without an answer. I haven't spoken about this to anyone yet, since I guess I still need time to get used to the idea and think it through.

But I don't want to hurt him anymore. How?
Tanaka Koki // Red

monday; 15th october - after class

I think I'm getting better at this school thing... I actually find myself needing more things to keep myself busy with. If anyone has any chores (that isn't too illegal), I might be able to help out, yo. :DDDD

Should I get a part-time job? I probably need to start planning for the future now, especially if I want to go to college. Kaa-san already has enough in her hands with 4 other children. D: I heard that Koyama-kun is working at a nearby convenience store, maybe I should ask him for advice, yo.

Since I'm bored, who's up for some good ol' crazy late night movie marathons. And strip janken/poker? >:D

How do you find the "outside food" I got you, Jun-kun? (I know you're right across me now, but you're always resting when I come back, na.) It's mostly soup, but otherwise the conbini doesn't have much suitable for the sick. D:

Oh and Kusano-kun, please take better care of your porn collection, yo. XDDD I got... distracted by a few pages that were floating past the window during class just now. Were you having lessons on the floor above me?
Tanaka Koki // Red

thursday; 11th october - afternoon

Yo, so I've finally decided on my Halloween costume. ♥ Everyone will be most welcome to cuddle up to me, yo. Wolves are great for groping as well.

And no, no one will be allowed to ride me. D: Unless you're an innocent M&M.

I should go out and take a walk. I'm getting a headache from doing my math homework. And it's autumn! Doesn't it give you a great kimochi?

Better be prepared for some ass-kicking coming my way, courtesy of Ryo-chan, yo. Do you have a cheerleader's costume, Kame-kun? XD

[OOC: Without internet access for the next 24hours! If there're any logs Koki is supposed to be involved in, feel free to continue as though he's there. XD]
Tanaka Koki // Red

tuesday; 9nd october - morning

I hope everyone had a good weekend? I went shopping with Pi, Toma, Ryo, Jin and Yuichi, I didn't get anything though, we were mostly looking at cellphones. Then I went on a rather unconventional mission as well. 8D *snicker*

Uchi-kun, I'm glad you're better. Tegoshi-kun, if your stomach is still giving you problems, do see the doctor ne? Jun-kun... you've had the cold for quite a long time now, get well soon, yo!

Yuichi told me about the interesting going-ons during the drama club meeting. [FILTER TO: RYO]Seriously, Romeo? XD Excuse me while I go choke on my breakfast...[/FILTER] I'm looking forward to see how the auditions go. Kawai-sensei, doing a great job, yo!

Masuda-kun, about your puppy... I didn't even get a chance to see it, I'm really sorry about what happened. D:

I've been thinking of joining sports for a long time now, most likely I'll just continue with basketball. I'll see you later at today's first training, Nishikido-kun. Is anyone else joining?

And what's this I hear about your underwear, Kusano? *laughs*

Jin, don't forget our ninja date, yo! Yuichi, you said you wanted to come along right? I didn't have time to restock on food during the weekend, but I really have a craving for cup ramen and ice-cream now. D: Can we go tomorrow night, pretty prease? ♥

I know Pi and Jin probably talked over things, but it's still awkward beyond words. D: I've got the weirdest feeling over Jin's reaction back at the fountain... I'm sure it was no simple show of anger at being left out or ignored. At least, by someone you consider a tomodachi. I personally wouldn't react the same way if, say, Yuichi was all clingy to someone else. I'll be pissed, yes, but such shock and hurt... I've never seen Jin act like that before, does he even know? *sigh* Bakanishi.

Speaking of Yuichi, he's been acting a little weird around me. Sometimes I catch him staring at me for no apparent reason, and when I look at him in the eye... I get the feeling that he wants to tell me something but can't. Did something bad happen? Or is there a secret he can't say?
Tanaka Koki // Red

tuesday; 2nd october - evening

I can see why everyone is getting stressed out, yo. I'm getting wrinkles from frowning over all my homework. DDDD: At least this is the last essay I have to finish... for now.

After being holed up in the library for so long, I'm going out to get some fresh air, and maybe walk Yuujiro a bit before bringing dinner back for Jun-kun.

Time to decide which activities and clubs I should join, what is everyone considering?

Seems that many people got keychains from a mysterious Santa? I got a Pakkun, yo. XD Not sure what that means, but it's very cute. Thank you to whoever left it there! ♪

I heard that Pi is staying with you two? Take good care of him, yo. :)

On second thought, are you up for sneaking out of school with me to get food? I'm thinking of stocking up but I can't carry so many things back myself. Ice-cream included. XD

Yuichi, since you mentioned it, Ueda-kun's birthday is... in 2 days time?! I can't believe it slipped my mind. D:

If all else fails, we could just wrap Taguchi up and give him to Ueda. XDDD