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30 September 2007 @ 11:02 pm

Hey guys! Firstly I'll like to apologize for disappearing over the last few days, I got sick and wasn't really in a state to come online. *secretly sympathizes with Koyama in the NEWS dvd* XDDDD

I'm also really sorry for leaving some of the log activities hanging ^^", especially the ghost hunt with Aiba and Kusano and the rapping session with G&M and Kusano. To the above mentioned muns, if you could update me on how the threads progressed or what we should do with it, it'll be great. :D Gomen ne minna!~ *bows profusely* I'll be doing my best to resume RP over the next few days.

Meanwhile, we'll just take it that Koki had to leave school due to urgent family matters (his house got swallowed up by a volcano his grandfather passed away), if that's ok. ^^

PS: Koki is flailing and agonizing over how much he missed over the past few days of school. So please fill him in as much as possible! :D Like Massu's sleepover, Kame's maid endeavour (he hasn't seen maid Kame yet, damn! he'll also like to know if Ryo was funny towards him XD), Yamapi's love problems, how's Ohkura and Yasu's band-forming going on, has Golf murdered Ryo yet and so on.

And especially the newly arrived students: Shouta-kun, Ninomiya-kun, Ohno-kun, Inoo-kun, Maruyama-kun, Yokoyama-kun, Taguchi-kun, Senga-kun, Yokoo-kun, Yamashita Shoon-kun, Ikuta-kun and Matsumoto Kouhei-kun. --> I'm still 0.o-ing over the long list. Koki will be very happy if you could drop by to say hi. ^_^ He needs to shower Junno with his special form of love anyway.
27 September 2007 @ 10:15 pm
Characters: Golf, Mike, Koki, Kusano and anyone else interested in some good ol' rapping, yo.
Rating: (?) - There's no guarantee they'll start imitating Eminem...
Warnings: *points to rating* Oh, there be Japanese, English, Thai and general craziness.
Summary: Incomplete - The long awaited rapping session! Basically Koki, Kusano, Golf & Mike will battle out to see who's more hardcore yet be all fun-loving and dorky at the same time. In various languages. They may attempt to breakdance, do random handstands and topple down stairs with lots of exaggerated bling involved. Just a hint.
Setting: Dorm 2 - Koki and Jun's room

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27 September 2007 @ 11:14 am
It's been only 3 days of school and so much is going on, yo! The senseis are really gearing us up, endless assignments coming through! I stayed awake until 3am last night just to finish them. XD Otherwise, I think I'm handling classes fine, yo.

About the band, Yasu and Ohkura-kun, if you ever need a rapper I'll be happy to oblige. :D And I just finished designing another new pair of dunks, I'll wear them tomorrow so you can see, ne Yasu? Yuujiro really shocked me by leaping on so many of us yesterday. My back still aches a bit, yo. I wonder if he's just happy to see us or did someone feed him too much sugar.

Today, Nishikido-kun. Ah~ ♥

I managed to sneak a couple of good shots. Ninja-ing around the restaurant while trying not to laugh for a good one hour was worth it, yo. Should anyone like to keep precious memories of our seishun you can approach me.

And I caught one in which you two practically had your hands up each others clothes, Jin. It's actually pretty hot. XD

I'm looking forward to Thursday! It's going to be fun, ne? Hope to see more people at Masuda-lun's sleepover, yo!

I'll be off to... er, find Kusano and Aiba-kun. For stuff. Yeah. See ya!
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24 September 2007 @ 07:48 pm
As expected, the party set up by the school kicked so much ass is just as good as a flamingo sounds when it raps. I overslept and rushed all the way to the gym, only to find a few people there with the miserable decorations and food. XD I'm glad Sakurai-kun and Aiba-kun decided to start their own party in their room, yo! It was so much better :D

Speaking of Sakurai-kun and Aiba-kun, they're both curled up on my bed and fast asleep now. I have no idea how they ended up here, but Sakurai-kun is snoring so loudly that the windows are rattling. XD If it were any other person I would have possibly whacked him awake, yo! But he's a very kind person and agreed to continue tutoring me in English this year as well, so I'll be merciful tonight. *laughs*

Actually, they look quite cute sleeping with next to each other. >:D Where's my pho... ah there it is...

Done! Now I have Aiba-kun and Sakurai-kun featured as my wallpaper, yo. Consider it payment for using my bed? :D:D:D

I'll be off to deliver Subaru-kun the pizza I promised, I think I'll ask Yasu if I can sleepover tonight, yo. Oyasumi Aiba-kun, Sakurai-kun and Jun-kun~ ♥



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22 September 2007 @ 12:36 pm
MAAAAAA~~~ It's good to be back, yo! It's my last year here, so I'm going to live it to the fullest.

I'm rooming with MatsuJun this year as well. That fellow beat me to Dorm Head, yo! XD But I'm sure Jun-kun will do a great job. So, yoroshiku! :D

I wonder how many freshmen there'll be this year? I just checked out the nameplates outside the Dorm 2 doors, there're a couple of new names. Uchi Hiroki... hmmm and Nita... Nitapai--Nitipaisaikul?? I haven't seen these two Nitipaisaikul names before, sounds foreign though! Maybe they've just transferred here. Hope I can check them out get to know them soon :D

... woah. Is that Akanishi-kun I hear crashing into the corridors? Ah yes, a shriek from Yamapi. They must be settling in now. XD But is no one else around? *droops slightly* I should start unpacking now so I can say hi to the others from Dorm 1 and 3 when they arrive. See ya!
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